Plastic Free July with Pura!♻️

Plastic Free July with Pura!♻️

Here at Pura Cosmetics we've always been conscious of our environment and have taken steps to reduce our impact in many aspects, one of them being plastic pollution. We pride ourselves on having plastic-free packaging for every single one of our ethical lip care staples, from our best-selling lip scrubs to our hydration hero lip balms, not forgetting our gorgeous gift sets which are fabulous pressie options when shopping for an eco-conscious loved one! 

Today marks the first day of Plastic-Free July - a global movement created to encourage millions of consumers to actively make changes in their lives towards preventing plastic pollution, throughout the month and then onwards! It's all about promoting the difference we can make collectively if we all cut down on our plastic consumption. Every change matters!

We thought we'd create this blog post to educate you all about how, by going Pura with us in Plastic-Free July and incorporating our pout-pleasers into your skincare routine, you can begin to cut down the amount of plastic in your makeup bag super easily! These are some of the steps we've taken to be more sustainable and the ways we are powerfully plastic-free...

Firstly, our products are handmade in-house in our sweet-smelling Yorkshire workshop. This helps us to control the amount of waste we produce as we are responsible for the creation of our lip care essentials from start to finish!

Secondly, in terms of packaging for our ultra-handy lip balms, instead of your typical plastic tube, pot or stick, we use aluminium tins! Aluminium tins are not only durable and in plentiful resource, they can be recycled locally (awesome!) Recycling aluminium only uses a fraction of the energy used in its primary production so we knew this was the best option when creating our natural, cruelty-free and vegan lip balms.

Similarly, we package our lip scrubs in a recycled glass jar along with an aluminium screw-top lid. Glass is fantastic for its infinite recyclability and also, our lip scrub jars, like all our packaging, are sourced from within the UK. Even our labels are biodegradable and compostable too!

All our individual products and gift sets come boxed and all our outer packing is made from 100% recycled cardboard! It's marvellous to know that the boxes your Pura products arrive in were once something else in the past and will be something again in the future, as they're 100% recyclable too!

We hope this has been an insightful read and you feel more educated on how Pura is a plastic-free, indie brand! Pura Cosmetics is also stocked in some amazing retailers who specialise in plastic-free & eco-friendly alternatives; head over to our stockists page to discover them and visit their stores for more plastic-free inspo!

Also, be sure to make sure you're following us on Instagram & all social platforms (@puracosmetics) to keep up with our updates throughout Plastic-Free July!


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