Helping our NHS superheroes during the coronavirus outbreak🌈

Helping our NHS superheroes during the coronavirus outbreak🌈

It's quite hard to escape the hard-hitting news articles circulating online at the moment during this very scary time. At the start of the week, I came across quite a few media reports surrounding the wishlists of our NHS nurses and healthcare workers on the frontline; these articles got me thinking.

I read of how many nurses were in need of items like toiletries, hand sanitiser and shampoo. Unfortunately, here at Pura, we don't have the equipment to manufacture these products, but another common item nurses were trying to source is lip balm... which is what we do best! Our NHS staff have explained how drying the hospital environment can be and also the effects that protective face masks in particular are having on their skin. I instantly knew we could help with this issue.

I began planning our 'Buy One, Give One' scheme in aid of NHS professionals, which is now live. From today, for every purchase made here on our online store or on our Amazon store (see, we will be donating a lip care product to a NHS superhero, starting at our local hospital Barnsley Hospital. 

Our aim is to be able to donate as many lip care products as possible and provide our amazing care workers with a little, practical luxury during this very difficult time. We'll be regularly updating you with our progress here on our blog and on our social media platforms. We'd absolutely love your support so please get on board, spread the word and help where you can!

Thank you on behalf of Team Pura 

UPDATE: We’ve currently donated over 700 products to the NHS!🌈


Here's some images of the NHS frontline staff who have received their Pura lip care products!🌈


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